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Buy from us Cleaning Mops, Cleaning Brooms and Washing Brushes in Different Sizes, Colours and Styles...

About Our Company

Cleaning is crucial to maintaining optimum health. In modern times, when many debilitating diseases are silently invading and causing widespread havoc, it is important that good hygiene is seen as a priority. Prioritizing hygiene and health is our company, Mandholiwal Industries Private Limited, serving in the industry as a manufacturer and wholesaler of many housekeeping essentials and supplies. As we understand the importance of implementing good and hygienic cleaning practices- be it at home, workplaces or commercial areas, we make and market household and cleaning products that eliminate the risks posed by many harmful microbes. Our collection of cleaning products and solutions are created under vigilance of quality experts putting into use best of technology in the form of imported machines that are advanced in nature. With our products like Plastic Bristle Cleaning Broom, Dry Cleaning Broom, Sink Cleaning Plastic Brush, Plastic Kitchen Wiper and Double Side Toilet Brush, we introduce a revolutionary edge to the age-old cleaning regimen dutifully followed by many without second thoughts.

Our entire product line is evolved in nature and made in confirmation to industry leading manufacturing norms. The brooms, brushes and other cleaning essentials we offer are also convenient to use, and significantly cut down time and effort put into use for everyday cleaning of stubborn surfaces, hard to reach corners and other areas. Giving quality results on every use, our range is also demanded in bulk across many Asian and Gulf countries. Today, our brand CleanKing is omnipresent and known worldwide for its uncompromising quality- which is yet another reason why we are seen upon as a leading exporter in our field.

Why Us?

Buying our range, one can limit exposure to various risks associated with bad hygiene in the most efficient and affordable way. This fact is what helps us emerge as a key player that remains unnerved by market competition. What also helps us stay nonchalant by competitors and confident are:

  • Our impeccable products that are fabricated using highly mechanized techniques, which give them top of the line traits.
  • Our adaptable and flexible nature that helps us stay in sync with emerging technologies.
  • What also makes us overpowering in the area we operate is our policy of quoting less prices on products.
  • Constant support of a highly proficient and an ambitious team also gives us an indomitable spirit in business.

Our Motto

Work we perform diligently is strictly focused on offering maximum benefits to buyers of Dry Cleaning Broom, Sink Cleaning Plastic Brush, Double Side Toilet Brush, Plastic Kitchen Wiper, etc., which is our motto as a market leading name.

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